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Blog ‘An artist’s life’

This project aims to physically recreate a blog by embroidering messages on a hand towel roll. It is a tangible embodiment of a digital diary. The dispenser functions as a web page. By unrolling it, we discover older messages until we reach the first ones posted on the blog.

This idea is to highlight the analogy between textile arts and the digital world, starting with, for example, the vocabulary: Internet is the canvas, social media allows us to thread ties of friendship, knit together relationships, or weave intrigues.

The blog’s content is my journey as an artist: ideas, research and collaborations, but also hesitations, doubts and failures. In the end, this blog was closer to a digital blog than I anticipated. It even shared the same shortcomings: time consuming, egocentric and self-referential.

Blog ‘An artist’s life’
Embroidery on textile in a cloth hand towel dispenser
The cloth roll is 25 cm wide and 35 meters long, of which 20 meters are embroidered.