This piece of jewellery tells the story of a fracture. Some years ago, my partner had a fracture that stopped him walking for several weeks. This accident shook our lives in a sudden and unexpected fashion.

To deal with it and to find the courage to move forward, I devised a way of physically representing the healing process through what was going to become jewellery; each week that passed after the accident, I assembled one by one, from the smallest to the largest, vertebrae removed from the body of a little fox found dead in the garden. The idea was not only to mark by milestones the weeks lived since the accident, but also to create a talisman to face the coming weeks.

Amazing synchronicity or sign of destiny, the moment that I had assembled the last small bone that I had coincided with the moment when my companion was able to walk freely once again. So, I finished the bracelet as the cycle of healing was completed.

Animal vertebrae, crocheted silk thread