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The siren song

This variety of tropical seeds is characterized by its softness, but also its strength, impermeability and longevity. The seeds can survive long journeys in water, before settling and germinating on a distant shore.

I loved the poetry in this ecological journey: this genetic message carried by the waves like a bottle in the sea. So, the idea came to the fore of creating a net to transport, display and showcase these seeds without damaging them. This “seed-setting” protects the potential life of these fabulous seeds.

Like Ulysses attached to his ship’s mast to resist the siren song, these seeds will stay safe, snuggled in a necklace despite the call from the sea. It’s up to you to free them so they can deliver their message.

The siren song
Necklaces and pendants
Mucuna beans, continuous hand-knitted silk thread
L 70-170 cm